Success Stories


Toora Counselling Services Testimonial

I have been engaged with Toora since February 2018.  I commenced counselling when I entered rehabilitation and continue to this date.  The largest part of my recovery has been counselling followed by Trauma Group. I am amazed at how far I have come with being able to identify my trauma, learn coping skills, to be honest with myself and talk freely about my thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.  At all times I have felt safe and secure.

Counselling on a regular basis after leaving Toora also helped me when I made a transition to my own residence.  Honestly, if I didn’t have counselling and Trauma Group I don’t think I would be as successful in my recovery.

Toora has an amazing counselling program, at first I was hesitant but the more we spoke the more I realised that having a counsellor opened my eyes and mind to thinking differently and expressing my emotions as well as learning grounding techniques.  I was also provided information to take home and reflect back on, when I needed to.

Absolutely amazing service.


Alcohol and Other Drugs Services Testimonial

I can’t speak the praises of Toora Women’s AOD programs loudly enough.

I was privileged to stay at Marzena, one of Toora’s AOD Recovery houses and to participate in both the Day Program and the SMART Recovery program.

I had been substance dependant for 15 years when I came to Toora. I had tried everything I knew how to get off the drugs and get my life back but without the tools and knowledge of how to do that I had failed every time.

During my time working with Toora I received comprehensive case management with my case worker. I was supported right the way through my early days in recovery. The SMART recovery program gave me a safe place to open up about my challenges of the week and find REAL practical solutions to some very complex problems. The comradery of a group of women meeting to openly discuss the very similar challenges we were all facing gave me a sense of belonging and like I wasn’t alone in my struggle to beat substance dependence and overcome the huge amount of problems that go hand in hand with that.

The Day Program taught me everything I didn’t know about substance dependence and the far reaching and sometimes hidden ways it impacts your entire life. I learned about building support networks, building self esteem and self efficacy, life skills, how to value myself for who I am, not what I have done. The atmosphere was one of acceptance, respect, dignity and a woman’s understanding of issues specific to women. The all-female programs created a safe space for me to talk about my substance issues and the other challenges I was facing in a safe and comfortable environment. I could discuss sensitive topics that I could never have opened up about in front of men.

My case worker was honest, supportive, kind, and respectful and having her there to speak to in difficult times was invaluable. During the time I was working with my case manager, my children and I had to go into a domestic violence refuge and relocate to a new property. My case worker supported me through that process and four months later my children and I were settled in a new housing property.

With Toora’s support and educational programs I have now been substance free for a year and half minus two lapses in that time. I have new friends, I have custody of my children back, I am studying and my mental health is stable and better than it has ever been. I’m living in stable affordable housing and I am looking to go back to work early next year.

The community needs more programs like Toora offers. My life is changed forever and my children’s lives are changed forever, because they have their mum back and I can be a better mother than I ever could before. None of that would have been achieved without Toora’s intervention.


Toora Domestic Violence Services Testimonial

Thanks To Toora!

I’m Sally from China and I with my daughter, Amy, left our family by domestic violence. At that time, we had nowhere to go and do not know how to live. Just in time, one Chinese acquaintance help us called a crisis phone. Then the several workers came up and pick us to Toora. Staff gave us help in all aspect. For example, my daughter continue to go to private school for free, sent shopping card for food, healthy check, apply our visa to immigration and we a got a housing near city and set up all of furniture in order to us keep normal life in Canberra, etc, let’s us carefree and without worries. In addition to appreciate what else to say. So now I teached my daughter should study hard and return to the society in future and make a kind person. We are deeply moved and lots appreciate to you, Toora.


Toora Homelessness Services Testimonial

I have been working with my caseworker at Toora since February 2017. I was broken, scared, trusted nobody, with lots of issues and trauma (slowly working through them). My caseworker said she could help me if I trust and listen to her. It was the hardest thing but she turned my life around, as I slowly listened, [and] as she slowly, firmly and kindly, and patiently helped me to identify my issues and trauma, which was slowly killing me. I bandaided it all, by taking copious amounts of drugs and alcohol. I never trusted anybody but started to listen to her and due to her knowledge and direction, I started to learn all sorts of ways to cope with and deal with what needed to change, if I wanted to live a decent, productive life.

Not once has she let me down and always follows through everything. I trust her wholeheartedly and slowly am headed in the right direction, as I opened my Pandoras box, and am getting help from the people I need to. I always knew where I stood with everything, due to her guidance and compassion. Nobody has helped me as much as she has, as my caseworker. Might sound corny, but I feel she has saved my life and am so grateful that I took on her guidance, as I now have my life back. Her patience and professionalism now holds me in good stead, to now use the services that I need to use, to continue to heal, and have a quality of life that I want and deserve.

Thank you to my caseworker. I feel lucky that you helped me, every step of the way.