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Why choose a career at Toora?

You will spend your days making a difference to the lives of vulnerable women and children by supporting those who are struggling to turn their lives around and create a better future.

In doing so, the challenges will help you stretch and grow as a person.

“Toora allowed me to be me, myself without prejudice, surrounded by love and acceptance. It didn’t matter if I spoke with an accent or muddled up. I was still listened to. In six years of working with the residents, I have learned from them a life experience. I am privileged to be able to wake up in the morning and to look forward to coming to work.”

“There is so much joy in experiencing women’s strength, love, and support. Toora has grown and changed through the years but remains a very supportive workplace for women working with women.”

“We as women are strong and resilient and Toora has harnessed this strength, power and knowledge and used it to empower other women. Toora is choice for all who come. Toora is at the fore front of change and movement for women’s issues in Canberra and I am proud to be apart of something so profound.”

As part of our commitment to provide a positive workplace culture that supports Toora workers, Toora has developed an anonymous annual Staff Satisfaction Survey to measure workers attitude, feedback, motivation, and satisfaction about their jobs. It further informs Toora’s management about trends, key strengths of our work as well as areas for improvement. The survey results are presented to Toora’s Board, Leadership and service teams to discuss the results, identify areas that need action and initiate suitable measures.

You may be interested in what our staff had to say in our 2018 satisfaction survey:

· 100% of respondents agreed that their job makes good use of their skills and abilities (with 48% strongly agreeing)

· 96% of respondents agreed that their job is interesting and satisfying (with 35% strongly agreeing)

· 91% of respondents agreed that they have the support that they need to perform their job effectively (with 30% strongly agreeing).

· 87% of respondents agreed that within the team there is good teamwork (with 22% strongly agreeing)

· 87% of respondents agreed that TWI is an organisation that treats its workers with respect (with 30% strongly agreeing).

· 87% of respondents agreed that TWI’s procedures and systems allow them to do their job efficiently (with 26% strongly agreeing).


Toora Women Inc Job Application Form

Chief Executive Officer

Recruitment activity has commenced to find a replacement CEO and can be accessed here:

Toora is an equal opportunity employer and encourages women who are Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, are from a non-English speaking background, and/or have a disability to apply.

Only women may apply. Under Section 34(J) Discrimination Act 1991, it is a genuine occupational qualification to be female for this position.

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