Mission Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Safety, Respect and Choice for Women


To be a leader in gender specialist, innovative and evidence-based services for women with complex needs


Equality by:

  • Transparent service provision
  • Consistent decision-making processes
  • Equal opportunity and input into service management and service delivery development/improvement

Kindness by:

  • Promotion of an environment that supports and encourages women, both service users and co-workers
  • Acknowledging women, demonstrating empathy and respect to all
  • Demonstrating unity within the service as well as in the outside world

Courage by:

  • Respectfully dealing with difficult and sensitive issues

Flexibility by:

  • Understanding individuals and finding solutions using an open approach
  • A willingness to make decisions based on a holistic view of needs
  • Encouraging creative solutions for individuals by transparent and honest communication
  • Challenging black and white (all or nothing) thinking

Accountability by:

  • Open honest responsible and responsive service management and service provision
  • Establishing client feedback and participation processes
  • Completing timely and appropriate reports to Board of management and funding agencies
  • Planning, scheduling and prioritising workloads
  • Demonstrating effective time management to meet deadlines

Humour by:

  • Responding in affirming ways and valuing each woman’s humanness
  • Assisting each other to see the lighter side of a situation
  • Encouraging a balanced way to view work, life and life’s ups and downs

Safety by:

  • Transparent user-friendly resources to inform service users (and workers) of their rights and responsibilities
  • Placing high value on appropriate training in policy and procedures development, and service management processes

Respect by:

  • Acknowledging women through appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Self-reflection, clarification where needed and following up to improve communication
  • Consistently demonstrating regard for service users, services and the community in all interactions
  • Working collaboratively and sharing responsibilities fairly as a team member

Consistency by:

  • Careful consideration of all factors in situations with service users in service delivery as well as with service development
  • Adherence to Toora Women Inc. philosophy, policy and procedures
  • Treating all people with the same care respect and consideration

Professionalism by:

  • A commitment to the strength of the organisation, skilful application of duties and sharing work-related knowledge with others
  • Self-responsibility, integrity, self-awareness and honesty
  • Demonstrating respect for organisational aims and values

Feminism by:

  • Accepting and valuing all women equally
  • Challenging patriarchy
  • Using participatory processes
  • Honouring the possibilities and strengths of other women
  • Not doing for a woman what she is able to do for herself
  • Remembering and demonstrating the personal is political

Diversity by:

  • Employment policies and practices to ensure a mix of identity and culture
  • Recognition of the dominant culture in this country and a commitment not to impose this on others
  • Work practice that encourages workers to challenge themselves to gain an increased self awareness of own prejudice
  • Awareness of the issues minorities face

Recovery by:

  • Actively committing to positive personal growth and leading by personally setting a good example
  • Seeking to unify and support the organisation to reach its goals
  • Demonstrating principles and a supportive attitude in the organisation
  • Enthusiastically participating in meetings, training and supervision
  • Accepting direction
  • Attracting other women to recovery by setting an example, not promoting recovery without doing the work yourself (walk the walk)

Self-determination by:

  • Offering choices and allowing women to make their own decisions
  • Logically breaking down challenges into their important elements
  • Assisting women in identifying problems and supporting and encouraging women to find solutions that will work for them

Honesty openness transparency by:

  • Sharing appropriate information
  • Providing an environment where everyone is encouraged to give input

Empowerment by:

  • Emphasising strengths not weaknesses
  • Encouraging women honestly and kindly
  • Providing opportunities for change
  • Imparting a sense of capacity and opportunity to learn new skills to make choices in the world

Reconciliation by:

  • Respecting the traditions and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and actively working to eliminate racism
  • Employing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and valuing their expertise
  • Engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and communities to improve outcomes for them
  • Ensuring knowledge, attitude and access to training and resources to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Providing culturally appropriate service delivery
  • Recognising the perspectives and needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the design, planning evaluation and improvement of our services