Our Outcomes and Impact

In line with Toora Women Inc.’s Practice Framework we engage with clients and validate clients’ experiences.

Our work supports women in building new skills and concrete plans for the future, as well as feeling understood, heard, respected and empowered. Toora assesses client outcomes by collecting data that measures the improvement in clients’ situations, and the skills and tools that they have upon leaving our services.

Our internal data systems –SRS Case Management and the Specialist Homelessness Information Platform (SHIP)– enable us to demonstrate exactly what each client has achieved with specialist support from Toora, from when they first enter the service to when they exit. In addition, we conduct regular client satisfaction surveys to evaluate their outcomes and our service efficiency.

We are proud of the high quality of our services and the positive outcomes that our clients achieve during their time at Toora. Clients continuously report improvement in their understanding of their current crisis situation and personal empowerment because they are equipped with the knowledge, tools and skills to deal with it.

We know from our feedback that our services help clients to understand their rights, and to make safe and confident decisions in their lives. Read the stories of some of our clients here. Read more about our achievements in our Annual Report.

Our current data tells us that since receiving support from Toora, women noticed improvements in the following areas:

  • 91% of women say their quality of life has improved
  • 87% of women say their independent living skills have improved
  • 96% of women say they were able to better understand their cycle of violence
  • 85% of women say they were able to better understand their drug and alcohol dependency
  • 82% of women say their mental health has improved
  • 89 % of women say they were able to create a safe network