16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

Join Toora in taking action to end gender-based violence within “one generation” by downloading our 16 Days of Activism Toolkit.

Within this toolkit, our Action Calendar provides 16 small but important ways everyone can do to change the culture of violence against women and girls. The commitment to end gender-based violence is at the centre of the new 10-year national plan which also highlights the need to engage men and boys to help prevent violence.
“Research shows there are strong links between socially dominant forms and patterns of masculinity, men’s sexist attitudes and behaviours, and men’s perpetration of violence against women,” the plan states.

Download your 16 Days of Activism Toolkit and Action Calendar!

16 Days of Action Calendar
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Work with us to eliminate Gender-Based Violence by sharing your selfie and pledge online.

1. Download our Social Media Selfie Frame 
2. Add your photo inside the frame
3. Write a pledge to go with your selfie as the text in your social post (e.g, I pledge to help end violence against women by having conversations with my sons about healthy masculinity and self-expression)
4. Share across your social channels (tag one person or account you know who may pledge)
5. Don’t forget to tag Toora Women on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Use hashtags #16Days #RespectWomen #16DaysACT

If you need help adding your photo to our selfie frame, you can email your photo to and we will generate it for you!

Want to share more during your 16 Days of Activism? How about changing your signature block or Facebook cover? Or sharing some of our social media tiles?


Insight Exchange Foundations Module: Understanding and responding to strangulation

About this event

This is a free (donated) opportunity via zoom for people to learn about strangulation. The module is informed by response-based practice perspectives, highlighting the importance of language, preserving dignity and survivors’ resistance to violence through a range of lived experience insights and current research evidence.


Wednesday 30 November 2022 12:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Zoom Meeting