Toora Homelessness Services Testimonial

I have been working with my caseworker at Toora since February 2017. I was broken, scared, trusted nobody, with lots of issues and trauma (slowly working through them). My caseworker said she could help me if I trust and listen to her. It was the hardest thing but she turned my life around, as I slowly listened, [and] as she slowly, firmly and kindly, and patiently helped me to identify my issues and trauma, which was slowly killing me. I bandaided it all, by taking copious amounts of drugs and alcohol. I never trusted anybody but started to listen to her and due to her knowledge and direction, I started to learn all sorts of ways to cope with and deal with what needed to change, if I wanted to live a decent, productive life.

Not once has she let me down and always follows through everything. I trust her wholeheartedly and slowly am headed in the right direction, as I opened my Pandoras box, and am getting help from the people I need to. I always knew where I stood with everything, due to her guidance and compassion. Nobody has helped me as much as she has, as my caseworker. Might sound corny, but I feel she has saved my life and am so grateful that I took on her guidance, as I now have my life back. Her patience and professionalism now holds me in good stead, to now use the services that I need to use, to continue to heal, and have a quality of life that I want and deserve.

Thank you to my caseworker. I feel lucky that you helped me, every step of the way.