Toora Domestic Violence Services Testimonial

Thanks To Toora!

I’m Sally from China and I with my daughter, Amy, left our family by domestic violence. At that time, we had nowhere to go and do not know how to live. Just in time, one Chinese acquaintance help us called a crisis phone. Then the several workers came up and pick us to Toora. Staff gave us help in all aspect. For example, my daughter continue to go to private school for free, sent shopping card for food, healthy check, apply our visa to immigration and we a got a housing near city and set up all of furniture in order to us keep normal life in Canberra, etc, let’s us carefree and without worries. In addition to appreciate what else to say. So now I teached my daughter should study hard and return to the society in future and make a kind person. We are deeply moved and lots appreciate to you, Toora.