Toora Counselling Services Testimonial

I have been engaged with Toora since February 2018.  I commenced counselling when I entered rehabilitation and continue to this date.  The largest part of my recovery has been counselling followed by Trauma Group. I am amazed at how far I have come with being able to identify my trauma, learn coping skills, to be honest with myself and talk freely about my thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.  At all times I have felt safe and secure.

Counselling on a regular basis after leaving Toora also helped me when I made a transition to my own residence.  Honestly, if I didn’t have counselling and Trauma Group I don’t think I would be as successful in my recovery.

Toora has an amazing counselling program, at first I was hesitant but the more we spoke the more I realised that having a counsellor opened my eyes and mind to thinking differently and expressing my emotions as well as learning grounding techniques.  I was also provided information to take home and reflect back on, when I needed to.

Absolutely amazing service.